Output routing question


is that normal that if I route my 2 main monitor on Outputs->Stereo out they sound louder than If I route them under


If the volume faders are set different - sure.

Master Buss is always at 0.
Control Room knob is set to 0 too.
When I put main monitors on Outputs->Stereo they don’t pass throught the Control room. It is still set to 0 but is irrelevant.

Is normal that the volume on Outputs->Stereo is way louder than Outputs->Studio->monitor1?

Can you make a quick test on your Cubase please?

You do disconnect the controlroom, before you connect the main out, don´t you?

Only if you disconnect the port connections, or turn the controlroom fader down, otherwise the sound still goes through controlroom (and additionally through main out) -> therefore the increase in volume.
When done correctly monizoring through main outs annd controil room out gives the same volume level given faders are set at same level.

Problem solved. Thank you