output to PA System

Hello. Question, I have a Peavey Pvi6500 PA system. I also have a UR 22 MKII. If I’m playing my guitar through the UR 22 and using an amp sim on Reaper how do I get my sound back out to my PA Speakers? My PA speakers are not powered so they have to plug into my PA system.

I don’t have monitor speakers just yet for the UR 22 so I’m just using headphones now however I’m talking about doing this while playing live.

Should I run an instrument cable from the line out on my UR 22 to an open channel on my PA system? Is the only way? Should it be an instrument cable or a speaker cable if this is the only way?

Thanks for your help.

Ok, so it sounds like you have guitar --> UR 22 interface --> via USB --> computer. Then, the Line Output of your interface should be going into your PA system (any channel input), 1/4" cable to 1/4" cable. Speaker cable, not instrument. By the time you play guitar into your interface and amp sim in Reaper you’ve digitized it all. Hope this helps!