Cubase will play midi tracks out through my USB port and into my amp, with no problem, so I can listen to them both when I record, and when I play.
I cannot for the life of me set the system up so that Audio tracks do the same. The Audio tracks route through to the laptop speakers instead of going out through the USB.
The annoying thing is that I had it all working … once…! And I’ve never been able to recreate this state. Would really appreciate some help with this! Many thanks, Phil

Assuming you have the appropriate ASIO driver setup in Devices and the right VST connections then check on the audio track inspector that track is outputting to right connection.

(If you provided some more info on your kit folk here might be able to offer more precise help - recommend you include your basic setup info in your signature)

Audio will play via your soundcard which is plugged to your speakers…USB only sends data which can’t plug in to to an amp directly and produce sound…maybe via a USB interface.

You do need to explain better how your equipment is connected as this doesn’t seem to make sense as is.
Midi is just a trigger so what is it actually playing?..perhaps you have a keyboard/synth outside of Cubase??

Guys, many thanks for responding so quickly. It’s now all working perfectly. I am recording using audio from various analogue sources - Keyboard, Guitar, Vocal via my Yamaha MG166c mixer. I am also able to use midi input from my Yamaha E413 Keyboard into Cubase 7 on my DEll XPS 14Z laptop, which is now driving some lovely Halion sounds (eg Boost Tines).

The whole lot comes in and out of a Behringer UCA 202 USB interface which is in turn connected to a multi USB port as I don’t have enough USB ports on my laptop, which also has a failed audio jack. The output goes into an amp and I have a choice of speakers or Sennheisser HDR 180 wireless headphones. Making all this lot work and dealing with latency etc has been like solving a Rubic’s Cube. However, it all now works and having got it working you can then start to work out why it works and how you can enjoy using it all. Your message about the VST connections did point me in the right direction as it inspired me to try one more combination of settings that finally got things going.

So many thanks. PS - Yes, I need a better laptop, but the thought of setting up another one at the moment with all my business software etc is daunting! Regards, Phil

Hi, maybe a helpful advice a Little “off Topic”:

To Switch to a new Notebook with all your Software is very simple:
Get Acronis True Image Home WITH Plus pack!

Install it on your current pc and produce a disc-Image backup (of all your volumes in the Notebook) - best to an external usb-drive (which you anyway have I assume, because you will backup anyway, will you? ;o) .
Create a bootmedium for acrons (burn it to a cd - … this is simple, can be done directly with Acronis).

On your NEWLY purchased Notebook: download the Software “doubledriver” (Freeware) and save all your Drivers of this new notebook with you Software to a usb-stick.

Now boot the NEW Notebook with the Acronis CD (start a full backup from the new Notebook if you want a save place to return to in case something Fails!) and recover the volumes from Your backup on the usb-drive. plug the usb stick with the Drivers into the new Notebook as well. Acronis will now install the FULL Installation of your old Notebook on the new Hardware and include all necessary System Drivers from the usb-stick as well.

After rebooting the machine you will find the FULL INSTALLATION of your old Notebook on the new one. You might have to install one or the other plug and Play Driver manually. And you might have to “reactivate” Windows.

Find more informaiton on the Acronis Homepage

I did what I wrote here more than 10 times. Works perfectly if you follow the instructions.

Cheers, Ernst