Outputs in Arrange Page

Hi, so I’ve got a couple questions, but they are all related. Thanks in advance!

  1. In the project page, some outputs show up in a folder labeled “Input/Output Channels” while others do not. I’m wondering if there is any way to control which channels appear and which do not? It seems random to me.

  2. I’m also wondering if there is any way to reorder outputs and inputs in the audio connections window? I’ve got a template with all my in’s and out’s and whenever I create a new bus it appears at the end of the list. But I’m hoping I can move it to the middle of the list.


  1. Use Visibility to show/hide tracks.

  2. Unfortunately this is not possible.

I’m reading your 1st question differently than Martin.

When you create any Input or Output channel it should appear inside the I/O Folder when shown in the Project Window. But most of the time (at least on my system) these new channels appear only in the MixConsole and not Project Window - for example they are not listed in the Visibility Inspector for the Project Window. For some mysterious reason these get shown in the Project Window only for automation data. In the MixConsole for these “missing” channels enable Write Automation and then disable both the Read and Write Automation buttons. Those channels will now be available in the Project Window. You don’t need to actually create any automation data - just enable/disable it. If you have a bunch of these Quick Link is useful. Remember to save as part of your Project Template(s).

Martin is right about question 2. But, since the displayed order is the same as the creation order, you can just delete all the current buses (save as a preset first) and recreate them in the desired order. A bit of busy work for sure, but you only need to do it once. :astonished:

I just reconfigured all my Input Routing so I spent an hour or so doing this recently. Much more enjoyable than dealing with the physical cabling imo.

Okay thanks for the automation tip. I’ll try that out!

Would be nice if you could reorder outputs without deleting them all like in Pro Tools. Oh well.

Agreed. But realistically I seldom need to mess with buses in Audio Connections when I’m not configuring the I/O which occurs infrequently. But on the other hand, I’m often dealing with Input Channels in the Project & MixConsole windows where the order can be easily changed.

So if it is going to be inflexible somewhere, Audio Connections seems preferable to the MixConsole.