Outputs steinberg issues

Hey peps, I have an issue, I´ve been working in a song for few days now, but I don´t know why the output from my card UR22C stopped working and the inputs seems to be good, but I cannot get the outputs done, it seems to be a software thing but I cannot find a solution, any help please??
Im running Cubase Elements 10.5 and when I try to set a new bus with the card it doesn´t work either, need help, please!

Thanks very much

can you make a screenshot of your audio setup in Cubase.
It would already be simpler to try to understand

Hey Freudon, sure I would love to do that but I can´t see here how to attached screenshots, any hint?? thanks!

Kindly take note of the first point:

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Here you go, you can see my inputs, outputs doesn´t let me choose the UR22C, and in the last picture you can see there is signal on the tracks but not down where the output should be :frowning:

Here is where I try to connect the outputs to my card but it doesn´t let me do it :frowning:

and here you can see there is not signal at all :frowning:

I understand Johnny, thank you, I think I managed to upload the pictures correctly

There is also something to keep in mind, it only happen in this projects that Im working, in other projects the output seems to be working just right, what could it be causing the issue?? this is a lot of hours on this project that I am panicking just thinking Im losing it :frowning: