Outputting hardware outputs rather than buses

Dear Nuendo forum,
I have created a 3d audio installation in nuendo 7 using a motu 24ao. I am in the process of transferring the files to a joeco blackbox. I have multiple buses coming out of nuendo some of which use the same output. So for example I have a quad output and an octaphonic output and perhaps the front left of both go out of output one of the motu. What I want to do is record the individual outputs coming out nuendo rather than each individual bus (either the split channel or interleaved option) which I then have to remix. So routing 24 output channels internally so that I then have 24 individual mono files, each one representing its respective hardware output, so I can just transfer onto the joeco player. Could someone kindly explain the way to do this, if there is one?
There is a way of doing this by rerouting the motu but I was wondering if there was another simpler way of doing this. Thankyou.