Outputting UR242 to Mackie mixer

I have a UR242, a Mackie mixer and outboard synths.

The synths are output to the mixer and the mixer Main Out outputs to the UR242.
The mixer Control Room output goes to the speakers.

I want to have the PC sound to go into the mixer so I can use the mixer EQ and effects to change the PC sound so I have the output from the UR242 going into the mixer. But this means the PC sound is output from the mixer back into the UR242 and I get feedback if I try to turn the levels up on the UR242.

Is there anyway to get round this or is what I want to do not possible?



Without the exact type of the mixer it is hard to say something… the mixer has to support this
it needs a monitoring matrix/section

The mixer is a Mackie Mix12FX

Mix5_8_12FX_SS.pdf (mackie.com)

the limited functionality will not provide that kind of routing possibility

you can try the Tape section, to come close…