Outputting your sound to a 5.1 or 7.1 setup?

Hi there. This is my 3rd post/thread :smiley:

Anyway I’ve made that first step and have completed my first full track that I’m near enough 95% happy with. And technically it sounds fairly good in my headphones and my 2.1 speaker setup… and on my phone too. But me and a friend were listening to it on his 5.1 setup and it didn’t sound as good in certain parts of my track. Also, the sound was only going through his 2 front speakers and his sub; but not the other 3 smaller speakers.

I did try to find something in the output audio settings but the only option for me was to output it in stereo/mono, or export it into 2 audio files (left/right). So my question is; is there anything at all I can do within Cubase 5 that can allow my future productions to output on any type of setup? Although I am comfortable, I just worry a little that something will sound good through my speakers and in my headphones but not so for somebody with a different setup.

Many thanks if there is anybody who may be able to help! I’d appreciate any discussion on this greatly. Cheers people.

Try the Cubase 5 forum…