Outside Points Not Shifting

When I select automation and try to shift it, the outside points will sometimes not move. Sometimes only one outside point doesn’t move, sometimes they both don’t, and sometimes it works just fine.


Cubase version: 9.5
OS: Windows 10
System Specs: Intel Core i7-5820, 32gb Ram

Try to click and drag on ONE of the selected points. Don’t hover above the middle and click and drag… Hopefully you should see that all the points move ok.

Well, that works for me here… :wink:

Good luck.!

Hmm, I tried that and that works (for the most part).

There is a very very slight difference between the two. When you click drag a single point, it won’t let you raise the values of the points anymore if just one point is at maximum value. Also, if the points you are trying to click on are already near the edges where the handles are, you can’t actually click/drag the points because it automatically will make you click on the handle.

Thanks for the idea for the work around, it will help in a lot of situations for the time being. But still, I really think this bug needs to be fixed.

(overall though, if you’re reading this Steinberg… despite all the bugs the last update caused, all the great new features, especially the automation enhancement makes it soooo worth it)

Same problem here. confirmed.