Over-riding Master pages in Master pages

I’ve created a pair of Custom Master pages, which is based on my “First” pages. The trouble is, that when I modify items in those Masters, it affects the original First Master pages as well.

How do I over-ride a Master page on a Master Page?

The team should feel free to correct me, but I have the feeling that they left the UI in place for features yet to be implemented — a bit like some of the techniques that are in the dialog but that you can’t map yet. To my experience, you can only have one master page of each kind: First, Default and Custom. Basing a master page in one of these templates replaces the original. My guess is that we will be able to have several instances of each kind, but not right now. What you can do is create a Custom master page, provided you’re not using that class already.

You can only have 1 First and 1 Default; but several Custom Masters. However, Custom masters can be “Based” on an existing Master, without being “of that Type”. (In order words, they just contain the same frames.)
Screen Shot 3.png
When I make a Custom Master based on “First”, I can add new items, but existing frames get modified in BOTH Masters.

Do not base your new Masters on an existing master. Base the new page on None and make it a Custom page which should leave it unlinked.

But there’s loads of page elements that I DO want to copy over from an existing master.

After playing around with it a bit more, it seems that anything I want to be different has to be deleted and recreated, rather than just modified.

benwiggy, you can have your cake and eat it to, so to speak. You can copy over without having it linked. Check out my advice from this post:


Yeah, but that function doesn’t exist in the Master Page Editor, does it?