Over Swing and negative Swing

Hey all! Long time Sonar user here. Crossgraded to Cubase 9.5 Pro, have been putting it through it’s paces and noticed that the Quantize Swing function percentage reacts differently than I’m used to. In Cubase 0% Swing is a perfect straight beat and 100% Swing is a perfect Swing (a perfect quarter note eighth note triplet). In Sonar, 50% Swing is perfect straight beat and 66% is a perfect swing. Past 66% and up to 100% the Swing becomes Over Swung ( the second note gets closer and closer to the third) Being able to Over Swing is very important and useful for Jazz ride cymbals and EDM stuff MPC style. Under 50% Swing in Sonar
the Swing becomes negative swing. (the second beat gets closer and closer to the first beat) Equally useful for a slight rushing feel for certain parts of a groove.

My feature request is for the Quantize Swing setting to allowing the full range of negative Swing to completly Over Swung. Thanks in advance for your consideration and time!!

+1 This would be very nice!

As sort of a temporary workaround, you could use the custom “Groove Quantize Preset” feature, but I know it wouldn’t be as fast or as flexible (if you wanted to change the grid size/divisions). Though in other ways, this feature is actually more powerful.