Overall dump of all preferences, generic remote presets, vst presets, etc.

And I think it would be nice to have at least some overall dump of all preferences, generic remote presets, vst presets, mediabay db, etc, so we can save them in one click.
Cause now, to save and restore everything, we have spend number of time browsing folder and finding where particular presets or setting files are.
Plus, its easy to lost something.
And last Cubase crash showed me, how important is to keep them))

Actually it would be nice to have some “system save point” kinda like windows have, to go back to some Cubase previous statement with all preferences, presets, etc.



the whole file-path thing is just a mess on our computers. trillions paths on my computer, starting either with VST or 'Steinberg.
6 million ways to die, choose one… that is how it feels, if you just want to save a preset.

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nicely said. it fits the way the computers are these days ay. i liketo go through and file or seewhere or sometime back up etc. it would nice (not to say this isspecifically cubase’s fault its morethe way computer ties important files together to work ) but it would be nice everytime changes are made to presets at fhe end of saving say a.project it prompts to say would you liketo save track, or effects settimgs to a working template folder. in this way any newly loaded project from a template could jace a function that loas the recently saved presets folder and provides an option to import or load that as a single.second project tonallow the inserts effexts or tracks tp then be saved and copied over the top of the pre existing tracks and settings in the project you intend to work on on the now. i just had a brain explosion there. that would work nicely.i know cubase pro has fsatures where you can import tracks etc bit some of these features are not so lovely in ones in more basic verions.

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