Overclocking / hyperthreading i7-2600k


I’ve just ordered a new pc with a i7-2600k and a gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD5-B3 mobo.
I would like some help with configuring and overclocking:

  • what settings do I need to specify in the bios? (turbo boost etc.)?
  • hyperthreading in combination with overclocking? In general: where can I read about it, which tools to use for ocing?
  • how to overclock ram?

Thanks a lot for your help.

Some more info:

I will add a Radeon 5450 gfxcard, 16gb 1600 corsair memory and 3 hd’s. Two hd’s are already in use (Sata2) in my current system, will add a sata3 hd for projects. The hd’s are for windows7/programs, projects and samples.

Found out the following:

EIST off
Turbo mode disabled
C1E off
C3/C6 off
CPU Multi threading on
HPET off
Disable onboard audio and other components not in use

Questions remaining:

-How to overclock and how to monitor temp etc? I want to prevent installingutils in windows7.
-setup raid 0 and install intel SRT? Even when not using hd’s in a raid setup? Ive never used raid bfore and doubt if I should use it now?
-what is XHD? When to use it?


Why overclock? Just to say you are? I wouldn’t, but if I did, I’d use a liquid cooling system or the like. RAID isn’t needed for audio.

I’m considering overclocking and I’d love to hear experiences with it. I have bought the 2600K to be able to oc, not saying I will. I would love to read more about it, how to do it, do’s and dont’s etc. If you or anyone else can lead me to more information that would be great.

First you should read the mobo manual, especially the BIOS chapters. Modern mobo’s already have profiles ready for easy oc’ing. The results depends on cooling, quality of psu, ram and cpu, and your understanding of what the settings do.

Here’s a guide at Tom’s Hardware: http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/265056-11-2600k-2500k-overclocking-guide

Thanks Shortstop for providing the info and link.






Turning HPET off will improve your DPC numbers, but I never saw any improvement in real-world use of Nuendo/Cubase - even with fairly heavy projects recording many tracks with a 32 sample buffer setting. I’ve also heard that leaving HPET on could possibly improve MIDI timing etc., so there is some conflicting information out there about this. Maybe things have changed with the newer chipsets, or the fact may be that I would be better off with HPET turned off, but I never saw any improvement other than lower DPC numbers.

Also of interest - I just recently tried turning off HT on my i7 930 machine and the performance actually improved a bit. Back when N5 first came out I was fighting some CPU spiking issues and tried HT on and off with no resolution of the issue, so I just left it on as the DAW benchmarks always indicated performance was better with HT on. Lately, I’ve been seeing SB state that HT is NOT supported and read a post or two about some seeing performance improve at low latencies with HT off. Interestingly, I’m seeing slightly better performance even at 512 sample buffer settings though I need more time to assess the performance differences, so the jury is still out for me about these things.