Overdubbing in separate lanes

Cubasis has the option to record punch ins and out to separate lanes for the same track. This would be a very helpful feature. Right now I have to set up another whole track if I don’t want to punch in and out over top of the same audio file multiple times. It is very hard to select separate punch especially if there are multiple overdubs.
If I am overlooking a work around please advise.

Hi cassadymac,

Punch-in recordings on separate lanes are not yet supported with Cubasis.

While the feature is included in our backlog, I am not able to provide a time frame when it will make it into an update.

As of yet, overdubs on the same track are possible while previous tracks are audible the same way.

Once done with the recordings a possible workflow is to move the overdubs to new tracks, and making use of solo/mute to compare them.


Thanks for the suggestion. A little time consuming but it’s the best that can be done for now I guess. Will look forward to the next updates

Thanks for the update, cassadymac!
Glad to hear the workflow suggestions seems to work for you.