Overdubbing VSTi in Cubase 7

I am not much of a keyboardist, so when I lay down my bass tracks, I overdub my bass lines using the stop and start button as I along to rehearse and think about of ways to do go about doing this. In Reason 6.5 using virtual instruments, I can do this and then copy and paste the results, creating a repetitious baseline throughout the track that was overdubbed. And I can do this with other virtual instruments as well.

However, in Cubase 7, I noticed when I do this and copy and paste the results, it only paste the last line I played on the track and not the whole bass line. Is there an edit mode I need to go into in order to overdub VSTi in Cubase 7.


If I understand you correctly, I think you just need to change your midi record mode to “merge” rather than “new parts” before you start playing.

Thank You very much!