Overfilled music frame in Dorico 5

I am using Dorico 5 and have generally been very impressed.

However I have a small issue with the score I am working on. This is a Trio for violin, cello and piano. It started life in Sibelius, and has been imported as a Music XML file. The import has worked well (except for a bug that the staff lines were all missing initially, but that was because the number had been set to ‘0’ in the XML file, which I was able to correct by setting it to 5).

A thing that was not imported was the difference in staff sizes between strings and piano – I wanted small string staves as normal in a Trio score. When I reduced the staff size on strings to 75% the result was correct apart from one page towards the end, which is overfilled to 112%, so staves are colliding with one another. There are no manually-introduced fame breaks in nor system breaks in this score, and I am not using a fixed number of staves per page. The number varies between 3 and 4. On the overfilled page Dorico has tried to stuff 4 staves on a page that should contain 3. I can see no reason for this, it appears to be a bug. Clicking ‘reset layout’ does nothing. (Rastral size is set to 5) .

I can fix this page by creating a frame break manually. However, it is odd I have to do this and Dorico itself is trying to create an overfilled frame.

I, can you share your Dorico file so that we can see what is going on and maybe suggest a solution?

Yes, thanks Christian, I attach it here.

The problem is only on page 16.

Piano Trio.dorico (2.3 MB)

I looked at your file. If you go to menu Library/Library Manager and compare your file with the factory Settings and click “Show differences” I found that if you then scroll down to Page Template Sets (on the left) and click on the red = symbol near it, it solves the layout problem.

What happend here can be the “circular layout-decision problem” that was discussed by @dspreadbury some times ago. For example here:

Or maybe a problem with the xml import (I also noticed the extra bar at the end of the first movement: a typical thing when you import Sibelius generated xml).

But what I showed you seems to solve the problem, resetting something in the layout.

In general if you are stuck with some layout problems I suggest (if you don’t want to research with the Library Manages the differences from Factory defaults) to Reset to Factory in the layout option window. And the remake the desired changes. Or as suggested by Daniel make a manual frame break :slight_smile:

Thanks Christian, that is really helpful that you found a solution so quickly.

You gave me the clue that somehow my changes to the default score template were the problem. I did not reset to defaults as you suggested, but I tried undoing the change I had made to the template when I removed a running header (I think the flow numbering) and correspondingly increased the height of the music frames so they went to the paper top margin and overlapped with the vertical space taken by the page numbers. That’s what Dorico didn’t like. When I changed the template back so the frames were shorter and did not overlap with the vertical space of the page numbers, the layout of page 16 fixed itself. If I then made the frames full-height again, the problem recurred.

I’ve used this extra space at the top before successfully, but I guess I had been lucky. I won’t in future.

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