Overlap of multiple note values

Hi Guys,
I’m trying to make the C and G in the lower staff to overlap, so I’ve chosen all the “Allow noteheads to overlap” options in the notation options but it doesn’t seem to work in this case. I’ve noticed that when I remove the tie the overlap works properly, (but I need this tie).

I’ve tried also to use the “Voice column index” and it does work but now I need to select everything manually and I have a lot of music. Is there a way to achieve the same result automatically?


That’s correct, the tie will prevent noteheads from overlapping.

You can filter-select all notes and set the voice column index in one shot. Not sure if that’s wise tho.

Actually it’s quite a good solution, thanks!

Generally yes, except for certain situations where noteheads should NOT overlap. And those situations do exist. But glad it’s helpful.

I took a swipe at this, and you can see the result - using more voices, and the occasional Force Duration. It seems clearer to have the lower voice as a quarter - perhaps this what you were doing, when the ties got in the way?

I know this sort of response is usually to be avoided in these types of forums, since it can come off as “I’m telling you how to notate your music,” and that’s not at all my intention, but… simple is always best. I’d wager this communicates all the same things, but more cleanly:

Sometimes you have to reproduce notation as is, and it is not too difficult to find such in piano music from the nineteenth century onwards. The music of Leopold Godowsky is full of inner voices created from selected notes in a string of semiquavers that are lengthened by adding stems and rhythmic values.

That’s a good solution, R Pearl, indeed clearer.

and dankreider, your solution is simpler of course but it doesn’t represent the inner voices so I think I’d go with R pearl solution.

Thanks, guys!