Overlapped rests in condensed staves [bug]

I know there’s no way to select and edit rests in condensed staves at present (FR: Rest positioning in condensed staves - Dorico - Steinberg Forums).
However, the result as illustrated in the attached screenshot shows a clear problem of the condensing algorithm.

Thanks for your attention.

Not a problem with the condensing algorithm itself, I’d argue, but certainly something where the inability to change the position of the rests is troublesome. I would suggest using a condensing change to separate these two instruments into separate staves for this passage, for the time being.

Thanks for your time, Daniel.

I had already opted for this solution.

However a new problem has arisen, this time I think related to the change of instrument.
To maintain visual consistency, I also wanted to apply the separation of the instruments at the end of the passage, which is located on the next page.
Premise: the two flutes, after this passage, mute in Alto flute.
As you can see from the screenshots:

Normally it should be the case that if you go in galley view and find the bar at which the transition between the flute and alto flute occurs, if you create suitable rests in the alto flute staff such that the rests of the expected duration and position exist in the alto flute staff, they’ll appear where the instrument change appears in page view.