Overlapping Audio Clips On One Track

Request is…the ability to hear ‘sound on sound’ when audio clips overlap on a single track. Just to make it clear, I want to hear both clips simultaneously during overlap.

I’m new to Cubase and this is a huge part of my audio editing process. I use it in a variety of situations but it’s especially important in drum comping and editing, where I need cymbals to ring out over newly recorded parts, or add reinforcement samples over certain drum hits.

At the moment the only solution is to create a duplicate track under every single drum mic track and drag the new audio there. Any plugins I was using on these tracks need to be copied to so now I’m running double the amount of plugins on up to 15 tracks sometimes. This is such a pain for me and I feel like it could so easily be solved by adding an option to hear overlapping audio clips.

I’ve seen multiple requests for the same thing on here. This feature exists in many other DAWs and it seems like such a simple thing that an $800 program should be able to do. At the moment I just feel like I wasted my money!