Overlapping Dynamics

Hey Guys,

I just imported a .xml file from Cubase and the dynamics are everywhere (Which wasn’t that hectic in the Cubase Score Editor, but i guess Cubase hides it well). I don’t really have a problem with the dynamics themselves i can delete them easily but my main concern are the hairpins (Crescendo…). I started deleting one hairpin finding that it wasn’t being removed until i tried it 5 times until i found that it was overlapping and it didn’t seem like it was. as you can see in the image below.

My question is, is there a way to see which dynamics or other graphical elements might be overlapping?

Thanks, Nicolas.

Unfortunately, no, there’s presently no good way to find these problems quickly, because Dorico does its best to produce a sane graphical layout even when the dynamics conflict. We hope in future to be able to add some more features to help you find problematic situations like this.

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Thank you for the response Dan and I’m sure you and the Dorico team are always striving to provide the best for the serious composer/engraver… As you are (providing the best).

For what it’s worth, on film projects where separate orchestrators have imported MusicXML or MIDI into Dorico, one of the things that most frequently flummoxes me (the, er, lead copyist) is semantically long gradual dynamics that are visually truncated by an immediate dynamic. It would be brilliant to have some way of identifying these, rather than attempting to group them and realising they won’t, or getting a message from another copyist asking why rest bars won’t combine in the parts.

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