Overlapping/Events on top appearance?

Overlap terribly bad, as in N5.
Impossible to audio editing.
Can’t see overlap and file start and end.

Anyway, sounds better than N4/N5.
Only I can’t work in N5/N6, becouse work is very slow and annoying.
N4 was very transparent, and easy to work.

And why can’t setting waveform brightness, as In Cubase 7.
(Preferencies/Event Display/Audio)
Almost everybody want black waveform, as in N4.
N5 was terribly gray. N6/C7 similar.
But in C7 possible to be black.
In N6 why not ???

Yes, my nr. 1 reason also was this. :slight_smile:
I’ve never worked with N5, only with N4.
And now try with N6, but not easy.
I hope will some important update.
Of course, many things very good in N6, and sound really good.
But generally I working a lot.
Therefore very important this, and some other things.

I actually like the crosshatching on overlapped parts. It lets me see start and end times at a glance (if there are only two files) or lets me know that there are alternate takes. It bugs me that Pro Tools gives no indication. Please keep it but as a preference to satisfy all.