Overlapping Icons at Bottom navigation in case of usage with convertible with portrait screen format

Dear VST Live Team,
Thanks for your great development job.
I am using a convertible notebook to use VST live on stage.
With my device I can use my screen in a wide (portrait mode) and in high orientation (portrait mode) which is a changed view by 90°.

I found out that in case of the potrait mode the buttom navigation bar seem noch correctly displayed and that some icons are overlapping. Below please find a negative example screenshot:

In case of the wide screen (landscape mode) the buttom navigation bar is shown corectly Positive eample screenshot:

Might it be possible that you could adapt the application screen design so that also portrait mode screen designs are supported and icons are shown without overlapping?

I am using a convertable notebook with Windows 11 from Fujitsu U729X which is using a screen setting of1080 x 1920 pixel.

Thanks in advance for your support.
Kind regards


Below please find a more detailed screenshot of the buttom navigation bar which shown with overlapping icons. I guess this picuture is better than the other screenshot above which is maybe to small / not detailed enough:

… portrait mode, I see. We’ll do some improvements that important controls will stay, while “non-important” controls will be hide if there’s not enough space available.

Thank you for the report,

Thank you for your fast feedback and great support Michael :slight_smile: