Overlapping time signatures

When I copied a few tracks and pasted them in the beginning of the tune, the time signatures got moved as well. The peculiar thing is that now I have two time signatures sitting on top of each other which cannot be deleted. Only one of them (the lower one if my memory serves me right) is active.

Has anyone else come across this?


Do you have the latest Cubase update? If I remember, there was a fix in this area.

check ur tempo track and global tempo (transport bar F2).

also check ur samplerate of audio vs project samplerate

Yes, I have 8.5.2 installed.

It appears that one cannot delete the first time signature of a song. So, I figured a workaround to get rid of the overlapping duplicate time signatures. I used the ‘Open Process Bars Dialog’ on the signature track and added one new measure in the beginning of the song. This way the double time signature no longer was the first one and I could delete it.