Overlay Inaccurate Until Tracks Bounced

Sometimes, the audio overlay either will not show up in the audio editor when multiple files are selected or it will show up with incorrect time representations, unless you bounce both/all the files selected. If you bounce the files before hand, this problem doesn’t happen.

Not sure what the cause is.

Windows 10. Cubase 10.

(I apologize for the weird video dimensions… I had it set to something specific in OBS but I didn’t want to change it back to normal just for this.)



The time-shift happens when you cut the Audio Event from left side, so the Audio file doesn’t start at the beginning of the Audio event. Then if you select multiple Audio Events to show them in the Sample Editor, the waveform is shifted.

It’s an known and already reported issue.

Okay… well I guess it’s a relief that it’s already known and reported! Thanks.