overload accured during freezing

Can anyone help on this error sign Im getting? Im simply wanting to freeze a track

Try bounce selection on the audio events first & then freeze.

Hi! Its a midi track Im trying to freeze

AFAIK midi tracks actually don’t have a freeze function.
Presumably it’s an instrument track? Or are you freezing an instrument in the instrument rack??

Give details up front & people will have something to go on without asking questions or suggesting stuff that isn’t relevant.

I’m having this issue with 10.6 and C 6.5, Macbook Pro, Core 2 Duo, no matter how big or small is the project, I can’t freeze audio at all, “Disk Overload” (all kind of disks). I’ve downgrade to 6.0.6 and no problem, same projects, same disks.
I hope this get fixed soon. I’ve already send a ticket support.

Any news?. Nobody has answered after sending a support ticket. :confused:

20 days without answer… :imp:

Dude, same thing happened to me.
It was working well with Cubase 6.0.3 and when I had upgraded to 6.5, whenever I wanted to freeze a track, it would say "disk overload… " blablabla
After hours of tests and stuff, I found the solution. My preferences were set on FLAC instead of WAV.
As soon as I switched, I have been able to freeze with no problem… Go to Project > Project Setup and set “record file type” to Wav instead of Flac.
I’ve also sent a ticket to Steinberg months ago but never answered me…
Hope that helps!

heeey !!!.thanks !!!..the solution with freezing is really on properties - flac file…ok…:slight_smile:)

Thanks for your answer. I’ve never used Flac as recoding file type, I’m gonna reinstall it and check it again.

However I can’t believe that Steinberg hasn’t said a word about it!. I have paid for an upgrade that I can’t use it at all! :imp:

I’ve already checked it. You’re right, the problems goes away when you switch to wav again. Thank you very much!!

I’m not sure support answers if the problem is either in the manual or could be considered fairly available (not that you’d know offhand whether it was in the manual or the right question for support). :neutral_face:
A user headache I’m afraid. One of those ask the forum and delve about in the program and hope the forum comes up trumps before you’ve spent three days finding the lightswitch.
With so many little features when you lose something it can be hard to find.

I’d say a disk overload is to do with your disks and not Cubase. Can’t say why flac files should do that but it could be that the frozen files are accessed by Cubase FROM the hard drive (for reference to playback etc?) rather like streaming samples which can also overload disks with certain samplers. Especially if the files are large and the disk is 5400rpm like on a laptop or in an external drive though some 7200rpm external drives can bet bogged down by leads and internal dataflow.

I am glad it worked out for you guys as well!

@ Conman : the bug is totally a Cubase bug and not a hard drive one.
I’ve tried with a thunderbolt drive (210MB/s writing - 275MB/s reading) and an internal SSD drive (360MB/s writing - 375MB/s reading) but in both cases, I was getting the same “Overload Disk Error”.
Therefore, I set my projects on FLAC to save space on my hard drive and when I need to freeze a track, I temporarily switch to WAV.
I tried with the new 6.5.3 update but the issue is still present. I’ve contacted Steinberg through support ticket, twitter and Facebook but they haven’t answered my messages. Of course…!