Overload indicator per channel

In the mixer there is a red indicator for overload at the bottom of the “Stereo Out” channel. It would be great to have such a red indicator on all channels. This would save a lot of time in figuring out which channels are transmitting where exactly. Why isn’t this there yet? Or am I missing something?
I believe it is simply a necessity.

Hi Dirk, that’s why we have vumeters on the channels, right?
in my case I usually try to have peaks in -6Db (group channels) or -12Db (individual tracks)

Unless I’m also missing something, they are already there…

it’s strange, not in my case

Strange indeed… I always had them liting whenever something (in this case, a condenser mic) had its gain not correctly set. This, without any specific setting I could remember of… :thinking:

in the entrances and exits it is available, but in the rest it is not.

Haven’t really tested all this beside the ins and outs channels. But, for other ones, it’s probably because Cubase audio processing is done internally in either 32 or 64 bits float format (Studio>Studio Setup>Audio System panel). From which, the issue is no longer an actual one…

If I clip a Channel in the MixConsole I always get a red indicator at the top of the meter that persists until the meters are reset. Plus the value at the bottom tells you how much over (or under) your peak was.