Overload Indicator Stays On after Spike in Artist 7.0.1

I noticed that the overload indicator stays on after I load a vst. The metes stay well below 50%. This only happens when I load a vst instruments, or change to a different preset within the vst. This also happened with artist 6. The only difference is the overload light did not stay on. This does not have any impact on the sound quality, or recording. Just have to click on the overload light to turn off every time. My work around is to just not include the performance meters in my transport bar. This issue could just be unique to my system. Everything else works fine.

Asus M4A79T Deluxe motherboard,AMD Ahlon II X4,6gb ram, RME Multiface pci, Cubase Artist 7.0.1

Aloha T,

Yes I get that too (Mac user) but I also get it just opening Cubase.
Even with no song loaded. (this also happened in C7.0.0.)

And like you posted, in C6 it used to go away
but now the overload indicator just stays lit.
(A lil red bar at the very top)

No biggie but quite annoying and I’m hoping
lil things like this will be fixed in C7.1.

I also noticed this little quirk…

Just as curteye observed this overload indicator goes red by just starting up Cubase 7. Every spike is enough to lit it up, and when lighten it never turns off. Loading a softsynth (what gives a momentary spike if it is a heavy one, like Omnisphere etc.) let the overload indicator lit up again.

So - like Trax32bit - I also removed the performance meters, because that alarming little red light keeps asking for attention. Now I only take a look look at performance (F12) when I want to inspect my project(s) load on the system. In that case I only have to “remove” the red-light once, and don’t bother any longer.

I have taken a look at the setup screen, but could not find anything that would change that behavior. That surprised me a bit, because I had the impression this was something new, and could be set in some “hidden” or “new” meter setting in the setup screen. But -unfortunately- that’s not the case.

As said - it is no biggie, but it would be nice if this would be corrected.


Same with me, but I don’t care :wink: I just take care of the performance meter, which is very low after start-up of the CB 7.01.


The “VST Performance Window” as it is now called has changed a bit and a look at p24 in the manual might explain what’s happening. There is a disk indicator showing the hard disk transfer load and it could be that some users drives are being logged as slow.
Not the whole picture for everyone but just an example of what might be indicated by the new meter.

I noticed this too. Regardless of when the red overage light came on, it would stay on until I clicked it off. I thought that was a weird behavior. Would seem to make more sense for it to go off after a certain amount of time.

I think the idea was to keep it on like an over indicator. So, no matter when you checked you could see that something bad happened along the way. I think it is probably a correct approach/thinking, other than simply loading the simplest of projects sets it off.

Ah. Now I see.

Hmm… well - it remains to been seen how useful it is to have a alarm-light that indicates you had a 0.03 millisecond spike three or four hours ago. I seems to me there is no cause for immediate action then.

I think it is more useful to have a indicator that at least give you a hint something happened a few minutes ago. And as just starting up Cubase and/or loading in a weighty softsynth counts as a “alarming error”, you probably always have a red-light indicator with some bigger projects.

In my humble opinion it is more useful to get an momentary indication, because it gives you the chance to nail down the moment it goes wrong. It also gives you the chance to see if that is a once-only incident or a repeating incident. The first is not as alarming as the second. So - in this situations an always-on indicator is definitely less helpful than a momentary indicator.

Just my 2 cents…


I think, but could be wrong that it’s to do with indicating the hard drive state and if that happens a lot it’s better for problem diagnosis of overloads or slowdowns etc.
If that is right though maybe it needs a separate little dot-light to distinguish it from peak level.

To add to my first post. I also get the red indicator on Cubase startup.

The red indicator light comes on at the opening of all, and any, of my projects, regadless of what plugs are loading.

I’d like to ignore it, but the trouble with that is that it makes the (red) indicator pointless, being on all the time. Maybe it should star flashing when a further ‘real’ peak occurs…



I think that is a good idea, it would work out better like that.

It would seem that the indicator light should not stay on after opening a project. Lets see how it behaves in 7.0.2.

7.0.2 did not fix this problem

Every time that light turns red you’re getting a CPU spike. On my system I get them every time I load a session and then randomly there after, whether my project is playing or not, even with a low average ASIO load. Try it. Load a session, flick off the red ASIO overload light if its on, then go and make a coffee, wait a while and see it the light goes red.

If you don’t get a glitch or a stutter when they occur during play, you’re lucky. I do and I’m not the only one.

This is relatively new to Cubase and shouldn’t happen, at least no where near as much as it does. I’ve been banging on about this for a while but seem to get little support. As long as we shut up and put up with it Steinberg won’t recognise it as a problem. Why should they?

Try running DPC Latency checker while you load and run your session. If you get red spike with that something is wrong.