Overload light on VST Meter is Back in 8.5.15

I used to have this issue and then it went with the various updates of Cubase 8.

But now after updating to Cubase 8.5.15 I have noticed after I launch Cubase the VST meter (same on the little meter on the transport bar) shows a red overload before I’ve even done anything.

If I click the overload light it goes and then within normal working loads it never returns.

Is this a little bug in 8.5?

Happens every time I start Cubase, probably starts metering before the loading is finished.
A little annoying, but I have learned to ignore it.

Check out your loudness meter in the Control Room. Also, you might find this video of interest.


I’m not saying that it will cure your issue, but it may help. It certainly helped me with my understanding of metering.

No we are talking ASIO performance metering, at least I am :slight_smile:

That’s what I’m talking about the ASIO meter.

What’s odd is the little red overload indicator used to come on at launch with C7 and then in C7.5 and C8 SB managed to get rid of it.

Now with C8.5 it’s back, well at least for me and you!

it doesn’t effect performance, but my OCD makes me have to get rid of it before I can begin working :slight_smile:

Not what I was referring too.

But an interesting video all the same.

Hopefully some sort of antidote to the loudness wars - hopefully!

I have the same “Problem”.

Not much of a problem, though.

I click it off.
It stays off until an actual overload,


Yeah true … it’s not really a problem.

I guess I was just wondering why on my system CP8 doesn’t do it and CP8.5 does?

Seems odd - what changed?

Simply don’t look at it if you don’t like red lights. It’s a part of Cubase ever since… :mrgreen:

… ever since Cubase 8.5 :slight_smile:

Sorry it’s my OCD getting the better of me, Cubase launches perfectly in CP8 and in CP8.5 I have an imperfection!!!

I really need to get out more!

Before Cubase 7 it meant an overload somewhere in your project. It had a use. Now it doens’t mean s**t.