Overload peaks problem

I have an issue this past month with my setup… I get overload peaks even in low intensity recordings.

My setup is:
Intel i5 750
Windows 10 64bit
Focusrite Scarlet 18i20
Cubase 8.5.10

I have projects with 5-6 audio tracks and 2-3 vsts (EzDrummer 2 and halion) and if I try to record with a midi controller (Samson Carbon 61) I get peaks to the point that I cannot record. I tried changing the buffer size, multi-processing and asio guard settings with no luck. Please note that during playback (even on the more full projects, 30 audio tracks and 5-6 vsts) everything is normal even on lower buffer size setting! I get the peaks when I start playing on the midi keyboard.

I am starting to believe that it has something to do with Focusrite’s drivers because using asio4all I have a better performance (again NOT optimal).

I now tested a project with 2 audio tracks (44kHz 16 bit) and one vst (addictive keys or Halion)… The spikes happen when I start playing at the midi keyboard, so it has something to do with midi data. And the problem occurs using the Scarletts midi and the midi keyboards usb.