Overly aggressive Plug-in Sentinel?

Anybody else having a problem with an overly aggressive Plugin Sentinel? It’s flagging A LOT of new 64 bit major manufacturer plugins. Stuff from NI like Kontakt), Slate Digital plugs, iZotope plugs, Altiverb 7…lots of “goto” plugins for my production.

These are all the latest versions also.

I reactivated the ones that I can’t live without (although given the softwares mentioned, that’s many of them), but stability is an issue and it now takes fully 8 to 10 minutes for Cubase to launch to the Hub screen.

I don’t see much on the forums about this…am I the only person? ANy hints to deal with this?

Thank you.

Oh and one other thing.

Can they update Sentinel so that dialogue boxes do not stop the validation process? Can’t it simply go on to the next plugin and leave the dialogue box there waiting for an answer? As it is now, you have to be in front of the computer the entire time (and if you have a lot of plugins, that is a long time).

Sentinel blacklisting and especially Izotope has been discussed here quite a lot already.

All Slate (I’m an everything bundle subscriber) and Kontakt were passed fine here but I am on Windows.

Thanks for the tip. I’ll try to find that thread!

Like I said in another post, maybe Steinberg back in July could have released a utility that scanned your plugin directories and given you a heads up as to which ones would be blacklisted BEFORE you purchased C9. Microsoft always provides a utility that allows you to check for app compatibility with their upcoming OS’s.

This is kind of critical for me as far as C9 goes. The plugins blacklisted are bread and butter type things. I can reactivate them, but I’ve had one crash already trying to use Nectar2.

Ah well.

Some reason you don’t want to use the VST3 version?

Those went through the plugin sentinel scan fine. I don’t even have the VST2 versions in my configuration

Why not? My experience is that all plug-in that has crashed Cubase Pro v8/8.5 has had one thing in common: They are VST 2.x plug-ins. The only exceptions are Arturias VSTi’s, that suffers from strange three-tries-and-you’re-dead bug.

Based on some of the comments above, I came across this:


… and this quote in particular:

Our developers found a problem in OS X

On Mac computers, one might also observe that some plug-ins that end up on the blacklist appear to have worked perfectly fine in previous Cubase versions.

The reason is that our developers found a problem in OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) and previous versions which cause plug-ins compiled with an older Objective C Runtime version to become unstable.

Using these plug-ins causes Cubase to behave erraticly on the mentioned OS X versions. The symptoms are random hangs, crashes and very often it causes crashes when you close Cubase. For the user there’s usually no visible connection that those problems are being caused by a plug-in.

With macOS 10.12 (Sierra), Apple fixed that problem from the OS side. We also work closely together with plug-in developers, so if still supported, affected plug-ins might receive an update to fix that issue on OS X 10.11 and lower."
So maybe there is some overall benefit. It would also explain why so many plugins had trouble with this OS update come to think of it.

So I took the plunge and upgraded to Sierra. I have not tested a lot of other software, but I can report that my blacklist problem with Cubase is GONE. Only plugins that fail (besides any 32 bit ones) are all of iZotope 64 BIT VST3 plugs. (However, their VST2 stuff passes.) The plugin scan is a lot faster too.

OK. THAT problem gone, now let’s go check out the rest.

Thank you everyone for your help!

As you experience delays and crashes, the sentinel is doing exactly what it’s supposed to do.
Bypassing it gives you exactly the things you complain about.

You need to contact your plugin vendors and ask them to fix their plugins.
It’s not Steinbergs fault that some manufacturers are short.

I wonder if other Steinberg products like WaveLab will be dropping 32bit plug-in support as well.

Wavelab 64bit never supported 32bit plugins AFAIK. Always needed WL x86 for that.

Phillipe had responded saying 32bit will no longer be supported starting from 9.5. No more 32bit version of Wavelab.

Doesn’t affect me, I’ve said goodye to 32bit VSTi’s many years ago.