Overridden notify function isn't triggered


I’m trying to create an instrument VST3 for PC in Visual Studio, using the VST3_Project_Generator
to create the project as an instrument.
But the notify function isn’t added to the project and if I add it by hand, is not triggered on debug but all other functions are.
When trying the sample note_expression_synth the same happens there, notify isn’t triggered but the process function.

Could someone please help me in the right direction please.

Thanks in Advance

Kind Regards

Could you post a snippet of the code you wrote? Did you use the override specifier? Because maybe you just got a detail of the function signature wrong …


I’m having the exact same problem with the sample code

The sample code from the note_expression_synth_processor.h

tresult PLUGIN_API process (ProcessData& data) SMTG_OVERRIDE;
tresult PLUGIN_API notify (IMessage* message) SMTG_OVERRIDE;

And the code from the note_expression_synth_processor.cpp

tresult PLUGIN_API Processor::notify (IMessage* message)
	return kResultTrue;

tresult PLUGIN_API Processor::process (ProcessData& data)

If I set a breakpoint in process the debugger will break there but not in the notify.

I don’t get it, it-s like the debugger doesn’t see the notify or have any debug information about it.


Hello again
I found the problem, the notify is only triggered if I’m using the UI version of the synth example, when clicking on the graphical keyboard in the plugin. I didn’t realize the purpose of the notify function.
Thanks for your time.