Override "Always Start flows on new page"

I am trying to figure out how to control where new flows start and stop. I have set “Always start flow on a new page” because it makes sense for most of the publication. But one time (out of 20) I would like the new flow to start at the same page where the previous flow stops.

In the sceenshot flow 8 end on the left hand side and flow 9 start (and end) on a new page. There should be plenty of space to combine those two flows. But how?

It is not really an option to set “Allow flows on the same page” - when I do that it messes up many of the previous pages.

You’ll have to ‘allow flows on the same page’ and where you don’t want that to happen drag the bottom of the frame up (and in your image) so that there’s not enough space for the next flow. Then on the page where a flow starts, in Engrave mode right-click on the page in the Pages RH panel and ‘Insert Master Page Change’ just for that one page so that it uses the ‘First’ master page. That will then give you the title etc back for the flow.

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The last couple of posts are relevant to you, I think…