overriding notation options for tied notes over multiple beats

I’ve a problem with local overrides of notation options for combining multiple tied notes into fewer notes of greater notation. I can see how to force, e.g., a minim to notate as two tied crotchets [enter two untied crotchets, apply ‘force duration’, add tie] - but how would I do the reverse, i.e. make two tied crotchets (entered as a single minim) display as a minim? There’s no moment at which I see it as a single minim to which I can apply force duration. I’ve a feeling I’m missing something really obvious…

Force Duration is MUCH more reliable if you turn it on before you enter the notes.

Set the caret where you want it.
Hit O to turn on Force Duration
Hit 7 for a minim
Type or play your note/chord

of course - yes, I was missing something really obvious… :slight_smile: Many thanks!