Overrule global Keyboard Shortcuts

Hi there,

Not really a Dorico question maybe, but since I only have the problem when working in Dorico I thought I’d try:
Yesterday I downloaded TickTick, a productivity/to-do-list app and I’m really loving it.
However, when I’m working in Dorico, some of the keyboard shortcuts are being overruled by TickTick (cmd-shift-A for select more and cmd-shift-E for Engraving options for instance)

Is there a way to say to TickTick: ‘always allow global shortcuts, except for when working in Dorico’?
I’m on Mac OS Monterey, so maybe Shortcuts or Automator could come in handy.

As far as I know, TickTick doesn’t really have a user forum and you guys are always very useful.

Thanks is advance (hopefully!)

I’m afraid I don’t know of a way to do this. Perhaps it’s something you could set up a Shortcut to do? I’ve not really investigated Shortcuts at all since they came to macOS (to be honest, I’ve not really used them on iOS either!) so I don’t know if this is possible, but it seems like the kind of thing that might be…

Thank you Daniel!

I wanted to check out Shortcuts anyway in the near future, so this will be on the list :slight_smile: