Oversights or a Glitch with Viewing 2 Waveforms in the Editor

I’m using free warp to align to vocal takes. Unfortunately, my secondary take doesn’t line up with the reference in the editor window.

With the reference take as the active edit, everything lines up.

I’ve looked at tutorials and dug though the manual but I can’t seem to figure out why my secondary is off by half a beat.

In the attached image it is clear that they are lining up. I suspect I have to set something somewhere or it’s a glitch.

I’ll just have to go by ear for this one, however, it will be nice to know what’s going on for future incidents.

Any consideration and feedback is appreciated.


This is known and already reported issue. Thank you.

As far as I know, this has been fixed in the updates of all Cubase versions. Please make sure, you have the latest update installed.

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Thanks for the reply, good to know it’s a glitch and not something I missed with setup and has been resolved.

Unfortunately, I’m stuck at 10.0.6, with no plans to upgrade.

Perhaps if later versions remove the dongle for authorization, I’ll make an upgrade a serious consideration.

Currently, Cubase is only my support tool for vocals, as the dongle was counterintuitive to my learning and practicing its workflow.

I’ll just have to work around the issue.

Thanks again for the reply.

Best regards.