Oversized Scores

I’m currently working on a score that utilises a lot of Ligeti-style divisi, where each string player is playing a unique part, and this requires a double-sized score (each ‘page’ of Ligeti’s Atmospheres is printed on 2 A3 pages to accommodate the size of it). It’s easy enough to set up the page size in Dorico, but what I’m concerned about is what to do when it’s actually time to print it. I’m assuming there’s someway in the engraving options, but I’m unsure where to start. Thanks.

And yes, it’s a ridiculous amount of work to compose this sort of thing, but I’ve already made my bed.

Do you mean that it’s printed on one piece of paper that is twice as tall as A3, but the same width as A3?

Or that you are ‘tiling’ a score of those dimensions onto 2 pieces of paper?

You can create whatever page size you need in Layout Options, and then how you print it is a separate issue. You may be better off creating a PDF first, and then it can be printed outside of Dorico.