Overview in galley view?

What would be a good strategy to display a large orchestral score in galley view?

My problem: an orchestral setting with 3 wind instruments each and alternative instruments ends up in 17 staves for winds only! (3Fl + 2 Picc, 2 Ob + EH etc). It is very hard to find the right line while orchestrating. Is there a way to arrange/break barlines according to the instrumental groups? Or any other idea?

Yes lim.usic,
for these cases the filtering option in galley view comes in very handy.

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I am aware of that, but I need at least 12 staves for winds only. It would help if I could adjust the barlines so that they join the 4 groups respectively (fl, ob, clar, bs).

Another great solution would be a feature to color single staves. But this is of course utopia …

I solved the problem by temporarily introducing groups for every set of instruments, so that they will be displayed with broken barlines.

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