Overview shrunk

The Overview bars on one of my projects have shrunk to about two centimeters in length, making them more or less unusable. This is the case in both Cubase 9 and 9.5 (in fact I upgraded partly out of exasperation to see if the issue would go away, and it didn’t). The project length listed in the project browser was about twice as long as the actual length but correcting this figure made no difference. I have a vague memory of leaving the project on Play for way beyond its run time, which may have confused Cubase. Any suggestions on how to set it straight welcome.

It does sound like an over long Project length problem. Are you sure you haven’t got a stray hour added on the Project length?

Is it just one Project? Have you tried renaming and reloading this Project?

Thanks for replying. Whatever the problem was there was a deeper screw-up in the project. I tried saving a back-up, stripping out unused files, and Cubase says the project is corrupted and can’t be saved. I’ve had to go back through a month’s on-and-off work to find a version that seems clean. No idea whether 9.5 corrupted my files. The Overview issue may not be connected with the corruption but if it is I don’t know why Cubase hasn’t told me before. It’s been going on for weeks. I’ve been experimenting a lot with the editors so maybe Cubase got as confused as I am over different versions. Or maybe changing the run-time length in the project browser caused the buggeration. Whatever, it’s back to square one-and-a-half for me. Thanks again for your suggestion.

Solved. Project length somehow got registered as more than six hours. If you have this problem, go to Project/Project Setup and check the project length.