OVOX plug- in. Anyone used it in Cubase?

Has anyone used the OVOX voice processor from www.waves.com as a plug- in? Their site instructions say it works but are a little brief.

I have. It’s a nice plugin with some nice presets. I found a good one and tweaked it to taste. I’ve only used it once so far. I just got it.

Hi Yo Stro,
When you downloaded it from Waves , did it go to Native Access. I am on Mac High Sierra OS 10.13.6, if you have Catalina are there any problems ?

Could you look at my post, I put it mistakenly as a new topic, not a reply .

I bought mine as part of the Inspire Instrument Collection so it’s in “Waves Central” not Native Access. You’ll need to have Waves Central for all of your Waves plugin licenses. No problems with Catalina.