Own score template creating

:unamused: Hi! How I can create my own orchestra score template? I’m a new Dorica’s user (today is my 1st Dorica day). Used before Finale, Sibelius and Encore.

As things stand, you can’t create a template that shows up in the Dorico templates list.
What people tend to do is set up a project the way you like it, then save that somewhere safe as “orchestral template.dorico” or similar. Then the next time you work on an orchestral piece you can make a copy of your saved “orchestral template.dorico” and start working in that file.


In addition to the forum, the online manual, and the YouTube tutorials, you may find this helpful: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6d2qmdapwqpxyn4/A%20Beginner's%20Guide%20to%20Dorico.pdf?dl=0