Oxford Dynamics VST3 not working

Anyone get this to work in either 10 or 9.5? VST2 version is fine but VST3 doesn’t seem to pass any audio.

Are you on Mac or PC? I don’t really use this plugin but I just tested and it’s passing audio and rendering correctly for me here on MacOS Mojave.

Maybe something more specific about your system is causing the issue?

Thanks for checking Sorry should have mentioned I’m on PC. Will investigate more just wasn’t sure if it was a known issue. Their Dynamic EQ works fine as VST3.

Also should clarify, it does pass audio. It just doesn’t enter the plugin at all. There’s no signal on the meters. It’s basically acting like it’s in bypass.

FWIW, it was actually processing audio for me on both playback and render. it could be isolated to PC. I would contact Sonnox support.

It works fine here (Oxford dynamic plugin version 3.20.0[32]).

Sonnox Oxford Dynamics (VST3) works fine here too.

Thanks for letting me know, will see if it needs an update.

Turns out my last update was from 2017. Installed the latest one and working fine. Cheers