Oxiotronic {electronic}

Part 2 of a 50 minute free project.


Towards the end it needs a lot more editing and tweaking and this is not downmixed yet.

Korg Legacy analogue edition, Halion synth engine, Retrologue, Prologue

Various samples through Groove agent one

Any comments on the mix are highly welcome, especially about the bottom end, don’t know if that is too much or to sloppy.

Greetz DYlan

Hi, I reckon between 0.32 and 1.20 you’ve got the makings of a good clubby type song…I can’t help thinking about music in the 3/4 minute song genre…sorry about that, just thinking that if you want achieve success that’s the only way really and I think it might be difficult getting people to listen to a piece 50 minutes long, though I certainly admire your spirit !..good luck, but maybe give the song part that I mentioned a go as a pop song…just a thought, best regards,

yes, that people will actually listen to it would be awesome! But this is a free project, my third one in this genre.
I dot intend to make this commercial, it’s a lot of fun besides my work and you learn a lot about how to manage bigger projects and how to program synths and do sounddesign.

It’s sometimes a bit weir you are right, I like the club elements but also the symphonic side, merging these two is not easy and I can imagine people raisng an eyebrow on this.

These are my first two, what I do is make different songs and sow them together if you will.
Area 110 was made in 2009, when I started making synth orientated music, before that it was more pop/rock and such.




Greetz Dylan

I like the variation in sound throughout the piece - the changes in tone, instrumentation, and volume keep it interesting. I don’t listen to electronica frequently, so keep that in mind as you read this. Nice work, Sir Dancelot!

Hi…Had a listen to some of your other stuff and I personally prefer your earlier songs, ( I’m a commercial junkie I suppose )though they are crying out for a vocal…but it’s hard to find a good vocalist, I know…best of luck to you…

Here’s a project with four vocalists, the male is me offcourse.
It’s not totally ready, still working on it.
Same Idea but then with vocals…


Thanks for listening!

Look at the world…that’s an epic piece of work, mixture of Tangerine dream, prodigy , kraftwerk with an existential feel although a trifle pessimistic in it’s message but I certainly admire the work though I would still say there’s about 6 different songs in there and you may be better of doing it that way…best regards and keep on keepin on

Great piece Dylan!
Gonna disagree with Shadowfax here, I think this is better than your previous pieces :sunglasses:

Hi Dylan,

As you probably will know I’m no expert on this genre, but I like what you did.
I’ve always liked synth sounds, especially the more analog ones.
You’ve made good use of these sounds and the effects.

I agree with shadowfax about the piece between 0:32 and 1:20, that really could be developed into a club hit IMHO.


Nice stuff Dylan!

Thanks fo the comments! :smiley:

Hmmm. My project harddrive doesn’t work any more.
I have back-ups up till April :frowning: Everything else, including the last songs I posted are gone.
Tomorrow I’'l get the drive back to the :smiley: computershop, hopefully they can retrieve it!

Good luck on the retrieval. As always, your synth stuff is very ambitious, and always interesting. I enjoyed it.

Yikes! :open_mouth:

Best of luck,

Hey Wim& early, they could save it. :smiley:
I went to teach-music in Rotterdam, great store, they also build my PC.
Anyway, they put all projects on a new Harddrive and they send it back to me including an additional Solidstate drive to work on.

(en zonnetje was goed aanwezig afgelopen weekend dus was niet erg even niet werken)

Sorry to hear of your puter probs…lost some stuff myself a few months ago so know how you feel, good luck…

I enjoyed the Analog synth work great sounds loved the transition (snr) around 2:30.
SO glad you were able to recover data its a scary thing, hope you got it all back. I just did for a NTFS hard drive for a friend and it took software 2 days to reconstruct files
The 50 min synth piece is a great idea! Glad to hear about an ambitious project

Great to hear your problems were solved! :slight_smile:

Ja, was een erg lekker Pinksterweekend! :sunglasses: