Oxygen 49 sliders and transport not functioning in cubase 5

Hello people, has anyone ever experienced this. My midi controller, Oxygen 49, is recognized fine by Cubase, the keyboard works fine with the vst. The transport buttons and sliders dont move the on screen faders and buttons at all. But when you move them, you can see that Cubase is recieving the inputs, any thoughts,


Don S

You need to set up the Generic Remote.

Have you checked this? You have to be a member of the m-audio forum to download the file.
My axiom pro was hit or miss until I tried these “Direct Link/Hypercontrol” drivers. I have not found a glitch since installing them.

Are you on the correct oxygen preset? I think it may be 10 for Cubase. Also try out Direct Link like “jaslan” said, you can find info about it on the M-Audio website.

let me be clearer about the problem. I have cubase 5 essential, when I bought the oxygen 49, the board worked fine all the sliders and track select buttons were functioning automaticaly through plug and play. then my computer running vista crashed. I bought a new windows seven computer. Now the oxygen 49 works with keys, but is not plug and play with the other functions. I know how to program the sliders and buttons, but the track select buttons dont work I dont see a way to program them. Also Im having trouble with Cubase remembering my settings after I program those sliders and buttons. What the hell happened! I got used to this board. I went on the m-audio website and it said it doesnt support direct link for cubase essential 5, but does for cubase 5. Whats the difference? Plus I have seen it work!!

I would appreciate any input, my Cubase Steinburg friends out there!!


Cubase Essential 5 is a slimmed down Cubase 5, it is not the same thing as Cubase 5, therefore direct link may not be supported. I would recommend contacting AVID with your issue.

Per the Avid SIte:
You are entitled to submit one (1) complimentary assisted support case of any type for 60 days from date of registration. Support is available online via our Support Center portal and by telephone. Your ASC may also be used for chat (where available). Online support includes case submittal through our online Support Center and chat.

Worst case scenario you can buy an M-Audio support code for $15.00 (not too bad)

Good Luck

Did you try my link posted above? The old drivers did not work on 64 bit systems. You said you moved to Windows 7. If you went 32 bit to 64 bit OS, this is likely your problem. You need the “unsupporrted” public BETA drivers at the link I posted above.