Oxygen pro 61 communication with Cubase pro 12.0.50

Hi all, I’m Having a problem using an M-audio Oxygen pro 61 as a control surface with Cubase pro-12.0.50 on win 10. It communicates using the mackie profile the transport functions work It has 4 banks of 9 faders one bank works I can assign them to mixer faders or whatever, but the other three banks of faders will only duplicate the first bank, not as I had hoped channels 10> onwards. There are also 4 banks of 8 variable controls (knobs) none of these work correctly, they jump erratically between half and zero I had hoped to assign these to Quick Controls which I did, but no matter what settings I use, I do not get a continuously variable output. There are 4 banks of 9 buttons I can only assign one bank and 4 banks of 16 pads which I can’t assign at all. Is there a script available for this controller, or can anyone help? essentially I have transport functions and I can use the faders for Quick Controls but that is it.
Thanks for any help.

Did you set the knobs to MIDI CC mode? That’s the only way you can use them with Quick Controls.

Thank you, I thought it was mandatory to have all the knobs set to Mackie.
And presumably if I set the CCs for all the banks I can access them too.
excellent I really appreciate your help…cheers

hello find this tropic while looking fo rinfo
+have the sameb problem with knobs on my oxygen pro 49

Yoiu say to set “knobs to MIDI CC MODE”…how do you do that?