Hi all!

Here is my new piece. I dedicate it to my nephew who has kistic phybrosis and breathes at 20 percent of his lung capacity. Last month he gave me his Austin electric bass and his Washburn amplifier. This is the first piece I make with this one. I hope you will appreciate.

Enjoy Oxygen!


Enjoyed indeed! Really nice feel and pulse. Clever composition. Thanks!

Thanks Early21

I appreciate your comments

very nice indeed ,hope your nephew is coping.

Thanks so lot Polgara

My nephew has a very good morale. He loves life except he thinks it’s going too fast …

Yeah, fresh and makes you enjoying life. Which is critical!

I prefer this track to the Zephyr one, because the colors are more interesting & deep. As i’m not a guitarist, I enjoyed the guitar play too.
If I were in your shoes, I would develop the bass, doing more kind of “Q&A” with the guitar.

Very enjoyable. Creative throughout. Mix is solid. Most importantly, my thoughts are with your nephew, he should be pleased with your kind effort.

Enjoyable composition it flows along nicely. It sounds really good even on my laptop speakers; nice one.

Thank you all for these kind words of encouragement and I am happy that you like this composition. From maintaining the bass of my nephew will be very solicited. I am already working on a new composition and I will be happy to share it with you.

See you soon!

So smooth! And that positive vibe! Are you planning to put it to commercial use, like for YouTube background music for vloggers?