Ozone 10 Advanced plugins load extremely slowly in Nuendo 12

I recently upgraded to Ozone 10 Advanced (v10.2.0) and I find that plugins load terribly slowly in Nuendo 12 (v12.0.50). “Slow” in this case means 1-2 minutes/copy and not only when they load for the first time, but also when I close the effect windows and then open them again.

The system I use is:

• Windows 11 Pro 22H2
• 12th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i9-12900K
• 32 GB DDR5 ram
• 2 x 1 TB Samsung Pro M2 (7GB/sec) - one for the system, one for cache and audio samples
• ASUS GeForce 3060 RTX
• ASUS Pro motherboard
• Roland Rubix24 sound card

Everything is brand new, all updates installed.

I tried the following things:

• I tried to start Nuendo without an internet connection.
• I turned off almost all applications running in the background, including Google Drive, which several people write can cause problems.
• I uninstalled and reinstalled all software and drivers.
• I ran the System File Checker tool to repair missing or corrupted system files.

I’ve been trying everything for days, reading forums, watching videos, to no avail…

Someone help!

Thanks in advance!

No Problem here on M1 .Mac. Ozone 10.2 open in 0,x Seconds, all fast and snappy.


Thank you very much for the constructive help, now I’m going to fire up my brand new pc and buy a mac :sweat_smile:

Not seeing that here. I have Nuendo 12.0.50, Ozone Advanced 10.2.0 on Windows 11 pro. I fired up a basic template and stuck an instance of it on a bus, it loaded in probably 2 seconds. Same deal when I close and reopen the window of it. It isn’t quite as immediate as most plugins, there is that noticeable couple second delay but only a couple seconds.


We don’t have that problem either. The respective plug-in is displayed after two seconds at the latest. (The laptop on which I tested this is much worse equipped than your system. The operating system used is Windows 10.)

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Yes I should add my system is much less powerful than what you’ve got, it’s an 8700k with 32GB DDR4.

Now this wasn’t in a project with anything going on, I haven’t actually used Nuendo 12.0.50 for anything real yet, just played, this was just “open my favorite basic template, choose an FX bus (the reverb in this case), insert an instance of Ozone 10 Advanced and see what happens.”

Also to note, not sure if it would matter, I use iLok authorization for my iZotope stuff since I have an iLok on the system anyhow, not the Izotope system auth.

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