Ozone 11 Advanced issue

Hello guys,
How’s everyone? So I’m using Ozone 11 Advanced to master a few tracks. At first, this program was working great, but a few days back I had an issue.
I had a stereo track loaded with Ozone 11. I was seeing the incoming level and the stereo out level, but there was NO audio. Nothing was registering on my digital converter box either.
So I removed Ozone and a couple other plugins I had loaded in. The audio was fine. So obviously, Ozone was the issue. Has anyone else dealt with any issues with Ozone 11 and if so, was the problem fixed. Any guidance for obviously something I’m missing, would be great.
I did read the “trouble shooting” page for this program which listed:
Remove any modules you are not using from the signal chain.

**Try increasing the Buffer Size setting in your DAW/NLE, if possible.

**If using the Ozone Equalizer in Digital mode: Try adjusting the EQ buffer size in the Options menu for optimal performance.

**If using the Digital crossover type in any multiband module: Try adjusting the Crossover Buffer Size in the Options menu.

**If possible, try reducing the number of bands enabled in any of the multiband modules.

(If possible, try using the Stereo channel processing mode rather than Mid/Side, Left/Right, or Transient/Sustain.

Thanks guys.