Ozone 5 graphic issue

I notice that in most cases, I have to fold the window for iZotope Ozone 5 and then then unfold the window for it to appear. When I have Ozone 5 in a plugin chain and go to view another plugin in that chain, when I go back to Ozone it’s just the outline of the plugin but the window is transparent. See attached image.

I’m using OSX 10.8.3 on a Mac Pro 2.8GHz Quad-Core Intel XEON with 8GB ram
Version 5.0.3 of the Ozone plugin

using in 64-bit mode

Also, is there a way to quickly by pass an entire plugin chain? It was easy to quickly bypass the entire master section, but now I want to do all master processing in the master plugin chain that saves with the montage but I see no quick way to bypass all the plugins to A/B.
Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 10.50.28 AM.png

Are you sure you are in 64 bit mode? I can’t reproduce what you see with the same config.

There is no global bypass for the plugin chain.

I am pretty sure it’s 64-bit but I will double check and let you know. Is there any other way to tell if I’m in 64-bit besides looking at the check box in the “get info” area of the app in the Finder?

I’ll post a screen shot again confirming 64-bit.

You just need to look in WaveLab’s “About box” (Help menu)

Ok, I’m definitely in 64-bit, I’ll attach a screen shot. I even tried removing the two Waves plugins inserted before Ozone but the graphics issue still occurred. It may be hard to see but you’ll see that there is just the outline of Ozone 5 window and you can see through it. Only folding and unfolding the window makes it appear normal.
Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 2.52.32 PM.png

On UAD plug the same problem!!

On UAD plug the same problem

In 64 bit?

UAD in 32 bit…
Ozone in 64 bit…

Use UAD in 64 bit…