ozone 7

does anyone no if wavelab 9 is compatible with ozone 7. I have wavelab 6 and ozone 7 doesn’t load up as plugins.

Works fine for me on WL9.

Working here for awhile on both WaveLab 8.5 and WaveLab 9. If it’s not loading up for you in WaveLab 6, maybe it’s because you’ve only installed the 64-bit version of Ozone 7 and I assume WaveLab 6 is 32-bit only.

I’m not sure if a 32-bit version of Ozone 7 exists but there are a few workarounds.

Rest assure, all the iZotope plugins work well in WaveLab 9.

Ozone 7 demo loaded fine on my 32 bit system FWIW. I didn’t end up liking it enough to buy so I am not sure if it runs “right”.