Ozone 8 Crashes Wavelab When Added as a Master Limiter

Ozone 8, and the maximizer module is crashing Wavelab Pro 10 when added as a final limiter after the downsampling section. (Post master fader).

Mac OS 10.13.6, latest version of WL 10.

Any solutions to this? I like using the maximizer in combination with other limiters in my workflow, and would hate to have to give that up.



What version do you use, VST 3 or VST 2?

I had similar issues with Ozone 8 and sometimes it worked better if I used the VST 2 version.
But I am on win 10.

According to Izotope, “Ozone 8 was never tested or supported for Wavelab.” so I guess we are lucky if it works at all.

I am currently starting to use Ozone 9 with Wavelab 10, which seem to work better so far.


Unfortunately I had to upgrade to Ozone 9… couldn’t get Ozone 8 VST2/3 to work reliably. :cry:

Thank you for this info. I guess I will have to save up for the Ozone 9 update.